Why You Need Reliable Transportation to Get Hired

It is quite common for an employment application about “reliable transportation,” and while that is a reasonable question – you might assume it means, “Do you have a car?”

If your job requires owning a vehicle, it’s a perfectly legitimate question. For instance, you can’t get a job delivering pizzas riding on the metro bus. However, if the job is in an office or working on a production line, then car ownership is completely irrelevant to the job.

With all that being said, you do need a reliable way to get to work. If the job you are applying for is a second or third shift position, then using public transportation to get to work could be an issue. Or, if the job is located in a rural area away from a rail line or bus route, you may need to own a car to have a reliable way to get to work.

The bottom line is use common sense and be realistic when approaching this question. Oh, and relying on a neighbor or friend for a ride isn’t “reliable transportation.”

You don’t need to own a car

If you do have a reliable way to get to work, but don’t own a car, you still might feel a bit defensive talking about your transportation situation, and that’s perfectly fine. While a company shouldn’t base its hiring decisions on car ownership, it would be naïve to think it doesn’t enter into a hiring manager’s thought process.

For applicants who don’t own a car, the best approach is to take the position that your transportation arrangements are your personal business, and you shouldn’t volunteer information on them unless asked directly. That means don’t put it in your cover letter, and don’t blurt it out in the interview. Just keep it to yourself and be honest if asked.

If an interviewer does directly ask you about your “reliable transportation,” a good approach is to make it a non-issue. Offer a quick explanation of your plan to get to work and assure the person you have made all the necessary preparations. Let your interviewer know that because this job prospect is so important to you, you have planned ahead.

Whatever you do, don’t go into a lengthy story about why you don’t own a car right now or how you plan on navigating public transportation. A hiring manager simply wants to know if you can reliably get to work.

At Labor Temps, we have numerous job opportunities that don’t require car ownership, with many readily accessible through public transportation. If you are currently looking for a new job, please contact our team today to see what we have available!