What to Expect from The Recruiting Process When You Work with a Staffing Agency

In most ways, job interviews for a staffing company’s jobs aren’t any different than job interviews with an employer, but there are some variations for which you ought to be prepared.

A staffing company will typically contact you for a formal interview and possibly an exam process. The better you perform, the more likely you are to be quickly placed by the staffing company. Most of the interview suggestions for a conventional job interview can be applied to an interview with a temp agency. However, you may want to modify a few responses and be ready for questions that are specific to short-term employment.

Dress to impress

Increasingly, workplaces have a policy of ‘business casual’ attire, and if you are explicitly told so, you may dress casually for the interview.

However, the way you dress for a staffing company interview is, for the agency, a sneak peek of how you’ll represent yourself on your assignment. It’s essential you make a solid impression because both your standing and that of the agency’s is at stake.

Most importantly, don’t wear something that feels restrictive or physically uncomfortable. Wear a limited amount of jewelry, have a professional hairstyle and wear minimal fragrance. Make sure your nails are clean and neatly trimmed.

Women should consider wearing a solid color dress, pants, or skirt; and a coordinated shirt. Dress shoes, hose or tights and understated makeup are also suitable. Men should consider solid color, traditional dress pants, a white or light-colored long-sleeve shirt, practical tie, solid-colored dark socks and dress shoes.

Know what you want

Expect to explain why you want to work for a staffing company. It can be helpful to study the staffing agency and identify something that drew you to the company, such as its areas of specialization. Just as any business should want to know why they should choose you, they also want to understand why you are choosing them.

When you interview with staffing company, you will need to talk about your interest in temporary work, as opposed to only looking at permanent employment. Answer honestly, but don’t sound needy. Rather than saying, “I can’t find a full-time job,” try saying, “I’m curious about the potential of a temporary opportunity turning permanent.”

Prepare for any tests

If you’re seeking a certain kind of job, the staffing agency may ask you to complete a short test. For instance, those seeking a clerical position may be asked to complete a typing test to determine their average words-per-minute rate. Those looking for work in communications may be asked to complete a spelling and grammar test. Even those seeking customer service position s may want to prepare for a multiple-choice exam on how to handle various customer-related situations.

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