Was it a Bad Day? Or is it Time for a New Career?

Everyone has one of those days at work. After a rough day, it’s normal to throw up your hands and talk about quitting your job, or even switching careers. However, sometimes a bad day is just a bump in the road, and you’ll end up being better off if you stick it out.

It’s hard to know when a bad day is a sign that you need to change your situation. Below are a few important things to consider.

How bad was it?

When your workday was outright terrible, it’s normal for a negative job outlook to take hold. It’s also very easy to make mountains out of molehills and become convinced you are on the wrong career path.

However, that’s seldom the case, and yet questioning your career can allow you to take a step back and get some useful perspective. There may be times that you’ll need to make adjustments at work, possibly changing your work habits or having a heart-to-heart talk with a co-worker. Most of the time, however, all it takes is a start fresh the next morning.

Could you have done something differently?

When things do go bad, it is easy to put all of the blame on your own shoulders, even if didn’t have control over the situation.

It’s important in these instances not to wallow in self-pity. Instead, you should identify what you might do differently if you could do things over. This healthy self-reflection allows you to practice some poise, stop blaming yourself for things out of your control and learn from any errors you actually did make. All of this can help to make you a wiser professional and a more well-adjusted person.

Did anything actually go right?

In addition to focusing on the negative aspects of your supposed bad day, it’s also healthy to take a clear-eyed look at the things that went right. Even the worst days at work can have a silver lining.

Maybe you helped someone solve a problem, learned something new or even had a delicious lunch. Whatever the positive parts of your day were, focusing on them can help you avoid a downward spiral and keep moving forward.

Is it more than just a bad day?

Sometimes, a bad day is part of an overall downward pattern at your job. If this is the case, it might be time to assess your options. Switching to a different department or trying to get a job with another company should be your first two options. If those steps don’t stop the parade of bad days, it might be time for a new career.

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