Update Your Manufacturing Candidate Experience with Our Expert Advice

Some employers don’t put much thought into the experience candidates have when they apply to their organization. Maybe they think applicants need them more than they need the applicants. However, nothing could be more wrong.

Good employees don’t just appear out of thin air. They must be acquired like any other valuable asset and the way a company treats candidates in the recruitment process can seriously dampen a company’s ability to mine talent in the labor market. Given the fact that the labor market is currently very tight, making the recruitment process difficult seems rather foolish.

Cultivating a positive applicant experience is key, as it results in a positive working relationship and a good reputation in the labor market. If your company is currently looking to improve its applicant experience, every aspect of the process should be reviewed. Read more:

Initial contact sets the stage

Ideally, the first time a job seeker learns about your company shouldn’t be through a job posting. Your company should have a strong presence that includes robust outreach through social media, as a recent survey found 79 percent of job seekers use social media to find potential employers.

Because the first point of contract with a job seeker could be a job posting, it’s critical to develop postings that both inform and entice. A well-written job posting let’s a company’s brand shine through. It tells job seekers about an open position while reflecting the company brand. For instance, if your company has a brand based in technical skill and precision, its job descriptions should use technical and precise language.

Avoid an arduous application process

Most job seekers are more than happy to put together a customized resume and cover letter, then email it off for review. However, some companies have applicants fill out online form after online form. Some employers may do this because they fill a lot of low-skill, part-time positions. These forms might be fine to screen people to work a cash register, but they’re a major turn-off for professionals looking for a full-time, salaried position.

If online forms are absolutely mandatory for your company’s hiring process, let potential applicants know up front how long it will take to complete them.

A useful response

Responding to an application submission with a generic automatically-generated email is the least a company can do. A better candidate experience includes a human touch, possibly addressing the candidate by name, and information about the next stages of the hiring process.

Ask for feedback

Regardless of whether an applicant is hired or not, their feedback can help to improve your candidate experience moving forward. A basic five-question survey could allow applicants to rate their experience and solicit suggestions on how to improve the process.

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