The Unexpected Ways You’re Driving Candidates Away

Hiring talented professionals is the key to success in any business, and unfortunately, many companies have hiring processes that miss the mark and end up driving candidates away.

Often, hiring personnel are completely unaware of the ways they’re pushing away top talent, and potentially other candidates who may hear about the poor experience. Learn what these habits are and how you can change them.

Bad communication

Bad communication can be hard to spot – if you’re the one responsible for it. If a highly-qualified candidate says they would prefer an afternoon interview, hiring personnel should accommodate that preference, or provide a reasonable, detailed explanation why they cannot.

Clearly communicate all aspects of the hiring process, including details about the job, and the compensation being offered. Candidates should not be kept in the dark about the nature of the job or what it pays.

No passion

Hiring managers who look excited about their job will pass on the enthusiasm to candidates. If a candidate notices that their point of contact doesn’t have passion for their work or seems to be simply going through the motions, they won’t want to be a part of the company.

Lack of organization

A disorganized hiring process is a major red flag to good candidates. The process should be about assessing candidates, and if a hiring manager doesn’t know what kind of talent they’re looking for, it makes things difficult for the candidates. Focus on building a relationship with candidates and that will help keep your ducks in a row.

Lack of respect

While having your act together is a big part of building a relationship, an even bigger part is mutual respect. Value the candidates’ effort and time, and treat each applicant like an individual.

Companies that disrespect their candidates are essentially weeding out the talented applicants so that only the least qualified, desperate job seekers remain.

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