Tips on Keeping Your Workers Safe in a Warehouse Environment

With work being performed on tall ladders, and forklifts whizzing about, there are countless ways to get injured while working in a warehouse.

In order to keep your team safe and reduce the amount of productivity lost due to injuries, managers need to take just a few common sense safety steps.

Preventing Slips, Trip and Falls

Taken together, slips, trips and falls are responsible for the most accidents in any workplace.

Because these accidents are caused by objects in walkways, or a sudden loss of foot traction, managers need to ensure warehouse floors are free of liquids, loose material like sawdust, in-the-way objects and dark areas where hazards could be hiding. Workers should also be trained regularly check around for stationary or moving hazards. If there are elevated areas where employees will be working, ensure there are proper guardrails, and safety harnesses are being used where appropriate.

Preventing Fires

A fire can endanger your whole warehouse, but this factory hazard also ranks among the most avoidable accidents. Constructing permits, clearly marked exits, exit techniques, and flame extinguisher legal guidelines must all be in position to prevent fires. Still, fires are very typical and mandate continuous prevention attention. Managers should confront worn and exposed wires, probable or active leaks of flammables and electrical cords running under carpet.

Preventing Compression Accidents

With warehouses typically housing large objects and heavy machinery, the potential for part or all of a worker’s body to be crushed is fairly high. According to OSHA information, an average of two employees are crushed to death each month on the job.

Employees should be made aware of any heavy materials that may fall. A typical material handling practice is stacking items on high platforms and shelves. Always keep heavy loads stacked neatly to avoid transferring loads or cylindrical items from rolling off of shelves.

Equipment with moving parts is a common workplace compression hazard. When used improperly, a machine can cause significant permanent injury and death. To prevent these kinds of accidents, managers should supply adequate training for any machine with augers or pressing components.

Finally, employees should be shown how to stay away from moving machines and trucks in the loading area.


Work-related injuries don’t just happen in the blink of an eye. They also happen after years and years of repetitive motions. There are many ergonomic methods to avoid standard warehouse issues like back and foot pain. Also, always ensure your workers understand the significance of proper lifting methods.

Proper Training

Without correct training, a warehouse will not operate at its full capacity. Many warehouses elect to omit thorough training to cut costs. This practice often results in higher accident rates, employees compensation lawsuits or OSHA fines.

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