Tips for Attracting Millennials to Manufacturing Jobs

Baby boomers have become the backbones of many manufacturing industries, and these older workers will be retiring soon or already have, which means many jobs will be opening up soon.

Millennials could be a good match for filling these manufacturing jobs – not only because they are becoming the largest age group in the American workforce, but also because their values and expertise match up well with the industry’s needs.

In order to effectively attract the younger set, manufacturing companies need to appeal to their goals and values.

In search of meaning

One of the biggest qualities millennials tend to look for in a job is meaningful work. They want to be able to contribute to their company, industry, local community or the larger world.

If you’re a manufacturing company looking to attract millennials, strive to translate your company’s purpose and mission statement into something younger workers can get behind. For instance, if your company sponsors a local community group or event related to its products, consider finding ways your employees can engage with this group or event.

Offer variety

One effective strategy is to allow them the chance to move around the company. Whether it’s a lateral transfer to a new department, switching from the main office to a branch office, or a transfer to another geographic location, millennials want the chance to move around and avoid stagnation. Many have said a variety of work experiences helps them better appreciate how their company functions, and where they can make a distinctive contribution.

Create a mentorship program

If they don’t already have one in place, manufacturing businesses should create a mentorship program for younger professionals. A lot of millennials have said they would like someone to mentor them, a person who offers advice and criticism in a non-judgmental way. Millennials appreciate the experience of seasoned professionals, alongside advice on where they need to get better.

Embrace the entire skill set

A different tactic to recruit younger workers to manufacturing jobs is to point out how manufacturing careers allow millennials to leverage their many interests and talents. Millennials want to utilize everything they learned in school and at previous jobs, including communications skills, capacity to organize and multitask, and financial knowledge.

If you can show them how they can use these skills, they’ll be more likely to give your company serious consideration. For instance, you could set up a monthly company newsletter where employees can use their design and communication skills to develop engaging content for the entire organization.

Offer perks

Millennials have come of age hearing stories about all the perks found at Silicon Valley tech companies like Google and Facebook. While they don’t expect a ping-pong table or bean bag chairs in the break room, millennials would appreciate small perks like free food or coffee, flexible hours and investments in workplace amenities.

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