When Is it Time to Quit Your Job?

Your job situation is a problem when it becomes a problem.

That might sound like nonsense or double-talk, but what it means is: If you’re job is having a serious negative effect on your life – it’s time to leave.

Everybody has a bad work day from time to time. However, if you are lying awake at night, thinking about how you can’t put up with a toxic work environment anymore or how your career is going nowhere, then you ought to start making plans to leave.

That being said, there are also take-it-or-leave-it situations. If you’re undecided, then you need to consider your feelings and circumstances to make a decision.

It’s affecting your personal life and well-being

If you’re having panic attacks, suddenly gaining weight, losing sleep or drinking heavily due to the stress from your job – you need to get out ASAP. No job is worth ruining your mental or physical health.

You’re spinning your wheels

You don’t need to be having full-blown panic attacks to quit your job. Settling into a malaise is more than enough to start looking elsewhere.

If there’s nothing you find stimulating in your daily work, you ought to consider if your present position working for you. There must be at least some section of your job that is more fascinating than just checking Facebook all day.

You also might be in a job that isn’t challenging, or that you’re overqualified for. If you must keep your current job to pay the bills, stay alert for jobs that better fit your abilities and will be more rewarding than a job that doesn’t meet your degree of expertise.

You’re in a draining environment

Toxic environments don’t have to be all backstabbing and throwing people under the bus. Sometimes, a toxic work environment is one that causes you to lose confidence in your ability to advance your career.

You ought to feel confident enough at your workplace to contribute ideas or voice your point of view. If your ideas never get traction or your legitimate complaints are rarely addressed, you need to start looking for an employer that empowers its employees and wants them to grow into major contributors.

You always have to justify your job to others

Maybe you work isn’t very glamorous, or maybe you’ve been doing the same things for years without a promotion. If your job situation always makes you want to justify it to others – it may be time to start looking elsewhere.

Our personal identity and self-esteem is very much tied to what we do for a living. If you aren’t proud of the work that you do, you should start taking steps toward a job you don’t feel the need to defend.

At Labor Temps, we regularly work with folks who are looking to get out of their current job situation. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you advance your career.