How to Start Attracting a More Diverse Talent Pool

Talent sourcing can be a varied and complicated process. Despite the best of intentions, an employer can sudden realize its workforce is seriously lacking in diversity.

In addition to being bad for society, a lack of diversity is also bad for business. Study after study shows connections between diversity and positive impacts such as higher productivity and higher employee morale.

Your company should not leave the diversity of its workforce to chance. If you think your company might need a more proactive approach to diversity, consider the following tips.

Writing smart job descriptions

When people talk about writing job descriptions, they typically talk about job descriptions written to attract highly-qualified candidates that will fit into their company culture. However, there’s a flip side to very specific job postings –they could lead to a serious lack of diversity in your organization.

A good job description not only attracts the most qualified applicants; it also appears inviting to people from a range of diverse backgrounds. First and foremost, your job descriptions should explicitly state that your company works hard to maintain an inclusive environment that provides opportunities for all people.

A job description should also avoid language that might be seen as exclusionary. Gender neutral terminology is essential; as is avoiding loaded terms. When a company says it is trying to find a ‘rock star’, ‘ninja’ or ‘guru’, it is using masculine-sounding terms that might discourage certain women from applying. Also, these terms are youthful-sounding and might discourage older job seekers.

An outside-the-box approach to writing job descriptions does away with the standard ‘Requirements’ section. Research has shown that women don’t apply to jobs that they don’t meet 100 percent of the criteria for, and eliminating the Requirements section can remedy this discrepancy. Instead, the Job Duties section can be written so that it conveys the essential skills someone needs to be able to do the job.

Outreach and outside advice

While applicants from diverse backgrounds look for jobs in traditional places – Indeed, Monster, Craigslist – advertising with community-specific job boards and organizations can significantly boost the number of diverse applicants.

In addition to sending job postings to the organizations, they can also be a good source of knowledge on how to increase diversity. Engaging with cultural and other kinds of organizations can give your company the inside track on sourcing talent from diverse backgrounds.

Offer flexibility

Offering a flexible schedule for the jobs you are looking to fill goes a long way to attracting a diverse group of applicants. In addition to being a progressive work policy, flexibility can make your jobs more accessible to working parents and differently-abled individuals.

Celebrate and support diversity!

When your company celebrates diversity, it sends a strong message that it also supports a diverse workforce. Sponsoring community events and doing volunteer work can connect your company to different communities, increasing its visibility to job seekers in those communities.

At Labor Temps, we work with our clients to ensure they have a talented, diverse workforce. If your company is currently looking for a custom staffing solution, please contact us today.