Soft Skills to Look for in Forklift Driver Candidates

While experience, licenses and certifications might make someone qualified to be a forklift driver in your organization, it’s the intangible soft skills that will make them one of your top employees.

Below are the soft skills to look for when hiring your next forklift driver.

Strong communication skills

Forklift drivers must interact with co-workers, customers and vendors, so it’s important to identify individuals who are articulate when talking, but also know the significance of listening and paying attention. Drivers also must communicate effectively in many ways, like email, phone calls and written notes.

Teamworking ability

Forklift drivers don’t function very well as a solo act. Most resumes give attention to individual achievements. However, nearly all jobs require you to be a team player, someone who collaborates with others to achieve goals. Forklift driver is one of those jobs.

Ask applicants about group projects they’ve played a role in, either as a leader or in a supporting role. Follow up on their responses when conducting your reference checks.

Strong work ethic

People who don’t need regular motivation to get tasks done are invaluable to employers. Good work ethic is a challenging soft skill to identify, but a resume that includes a varied and active life away from the workplace is a solid indication of someone who is motivated outside of work, and is, therefore, likely to be a hard worker on the job.

Employees who provide their best work every day are also more likely to grow with your company, if you can keep them inspired and feeling valued.

Good time management

Forklift drivers must be able to multitask and prioritize duties while hitting important deadlines. In the interview, ask candidates their approach to prioritizing tasks that a forklift driver is responsible for in your company during the typical workday.


In today’s rapidly shifting workplace, those who can adjust to new scenarios, methods and technologies are highly valuable. You want to know if applicants will be open to new ideas, can embrace change and make the most of new innovations.

Flexible applicants should be able to show a track record of adopting new technologies and a capacity to think outside the box. They should have the capability to adapt to change and difficulties as opposed to staying on a set path.


Patience is a frequently overlooked soft skill, but it is crucial for the success of long-term projects with many moving parts, tedious work and an extreme amount of concentration. It’s not an easy attribute to assess, but a very beneficial trait in an applicant. To gauge each candidate’s patience, check for a history of successfully completing complex, long-term projects.

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