Should You Ever Hire Based on Character Instead of Technical Skill?

While hiring managers have typically focused rigorously on job applicants’ abilities and experience in making hiring decisions, recent methods are focusing increasingly on character traits, or so-called soft skills.

This shift in focus is a good way to create a roster of workers who satisfy a company’s brand image and overall mission. This approach takes into account the fact that most technical abilities can be taught to professionals who have high amounts of persistence and self-motivation. Soft skills, on the other hand, are much more difficult to teach and learn.

Perform a thorough interview

When shifting your hiring methods to a personality-driven approach, an in-depth interview must become the top priority. The interview should be capable of revealing a great deal about a candidate’s character, which may take time, effort and a continuous refining of interview methods.

Emphasize reference checks

It’s crucial to speak with an applicant’s professional references when hiring for character. While their resume supplies a thorough breakdown of their career achievements and skills, it won’t even attempt to display their actual personality.

When getting in touch with a candidate’s references, ask explicitly about character. Specifically, you should be asking about candidate’s ability get along with others, their enthusiasm and their relationships with past supervisors. These kinds of questions should give you a solid knowledge of the potential recruit’s persona in the workplace.

Utilize personality testing

Many employers use personality tests to gain insight into the character of possible employees. When these tests are given before an interview, they can give the hiring manager a chance to preview an applicant’s character prior to even meeting them. Personality tests can also be given after an interview as a way of analyzing their fit with your current employees before making a penultimate hiring decision. Personality tests could even be included along with an employment application, making the pre-screening system a lot more thorough, reducing the workload for hiring personnel.

It is important to note that personality tests can include inherent cultural biases. If your company decides to use a personality test in its hiring process, it should be sure that the test doesn’t rule out high-quality people just because they come from a unique background.

Establish a robust on-boarding program

Staffing your company by using character assessments makes appropriate training and on-boarding an essential task. These programs can be conducted via an in-house system or by outsourcing it to a different company, including a staffing company like Labor Temps.

Whether or not the on-boarding is done in-house, it is essential for managers to introduce themselves and open their doors to the concerns or questions of new recruits. An open-door policy can help to address any skills-related issues and managers should be comfortable opening their doors to new employees who have been determined to be high-quality individuals.

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