The Right Way to Say ‘Yes’ to a Job Offer

After all the effort investigating, applying and interviewing for jobs, when you finally see a job offer in front of you, don’t be so quick to pounce on it right away.

When a company makes a job offer, they are putting all their cards on the table, and they want their chosen candidate to do the same and accept the position. However, this means giving up your negotiating power, which is never a good idea in any situation.

Instead, you need to calmly and smartly show your appreciation for the offer, discuss the terms of employment and agree to those terms the right way.

Show your gratitude

First of all, you should always show your gratitude to the person making the offer. If you are meeting face to face, talking on the telephone or going back and forth over email, offer a genuine “thank you” to the person and let them know how thrilled you are to be given an offer.

Whether you’re going to come back with terms or straight up accept the offer, starting off by showing your appreciation sets a solid tone for the conversation.

As you move forward, continue to show your appreciation for the offer to keep the hiring manager from feeling defensive. Words like “excited” and “happy” will put the other person at ease without saying you’re taking the job, no strings attached.

Review the offer in writing

After you’ve shown your appreciation, ask to have the offer in writing. A formal job offer letter should include the title, a start date, a pay rate/salary and details regarding benefits.

Getting it in writing makes the offer official and provides you with the opportunity to review the details carefully to make certain you have a complete grasp of what’s being offered.

You should also see how long you have to provide an answer. If the company says it needs an answer right away, that’s a red flag. A company should want potential employees to take their time – usually just a day or two. Demanding an answer right away shows a lack of respect to you and your process.

If you do want to negotiate the conditions of the offer, let the hiring manager know you want to talk about the details more thoroughly. You should know that while many companies can tinker around the edges of an offer, they can’t make it something they would never offer anyone else at that same position. For instance, if you need a flexible schedule for childcare purposes, that might be something an employer is willing to entertain; asking for a salary that is 50 percent higher than everyone else probably isn’t.

The right way to accept

When you’re finally ready to accept, go over all the details with the hiring manager. This is particularly important if you’ve gotten a few concessions. If you have in fact received some concessions, be sure they are put into writing.

If you did negotiate, and those negotiations dragged out over multiple days, recognize that in your acceptance and show your appreciation. Negotiation is stressful for both sides and showing gratitude helps both of you move forward.

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