Which is Right For Your Business: Contractors or Full-Time Employees?

Companies know a staff of full-time workers provides a significant amount of stability and employee engagement that can be difficult to get from a staff of temporary employees. On the other hand, contract workers are a versatile, sensible alternative for taking on big projects and surges in demand.

In order to determine if hiring full-time employees or using contract workers is right for your company, consider the following advantages of each staffing solution.

Why a full-time employee makes sense

Full-time employees are much more likely to buy into your company’s ideals and its workplace culture. Because it offers security for the future, a full-time worker so is more prone to dedicate their time and energy into advancing company goals and taking part in various projects.

Full-time employees will fill a set of specialized skills that may require on-site training that only your company can provide.

Finally, some people are more content in a full-time employment situation and are less open to working a job as a contract worker. So, by offering a job only as a contract position, you company is reducing the pool of potential candidates it can access.

Why a contract worker makes sense

Some businesses have busy periods and slow periods, and some occasionally take on large projects that can overwhelm their permanent staff. In these situations, using contract workers to address large upticks in production or service is a better solution than hiring more-expensive full-time employees.

Employing contractors rather than full-time staff members can reduce administrative burdens. When a staffing agency like Labor Temps handles all the paperwork and administrative tasks associated with sourcing temporary employees, it frees up human resources personnel to concentrate on other issues.

Temporary employees may also cost less. If the pay for a full-time employee is equal to the cost of a contract worker, the contractor may be less, because contractors don’t receive benefits like medical insurance or 401K contributions.

Whether it’s locating someone with specialized skill for full-time employment or finding seasonal workers, Labor Temps can provide the staffing solution your organization needs. Reach out to our experts today!