It’s Time to Improve Your Resume to Find a New Job in 2019!

For the typical job opening, a hiring manager is inundated with dozens of resumes, and job seekers must do their best to stand out if they want to be contacted for an interview.

Unfortunately, cookie-cutter resume templates are standard for most job seekers. If you don’t want to blend in, you’ll have to take your time to create vibrant content that stands out.

If you’re looking to land your next job in 2019, consider the following ways you can improve your current resume.

Use (Muted) Colors and Modern Fonts

Has your grandfather ever sat you down on his knee and talked about how resumes used to be written on a typewriter? Well, it’s true!

Thankfully, we don’t have to peck out a resume on a typewriter any more and the switch to word processing means we have all kind of fonts and colors to choose from. While you still want to go with a very conservative look, that shouldn’t mean looking like everyone else.

Obviously, you don’t want to write your work history in a hot pink, Comic Sans font but switching to Verdana and using bronze-colored section headings can make you stand out – in a good way.

Include Hyperlinks

Being able to include hyperlinks in your resume is another added bonus of being a job seeker in 2019. Once again, including a non-traditional element like a hyperlink should be done tastefully and make sense. For instance, if you’re asked to send along samples of your work and there are samples online.

Also, keep the hyperlinks to a minimum. One or two is fine.

Include a Title

Near the top of your resume, below your name and contact details, a job title can outline your vocation or the skills you can bring to an employer. Using either the title that you’re seeking or a title that indicates your degree of expertise adds a professional, yet unassuming touch.

Quantify and Highlight Your Accomplishments

While most people know to feature career achievements in the experience section of their resume, many people looking for work don’t know they ought to be showcasing these achievements at the top of the document.

To capture a hiring manager’s attention, highlight big career victories and distinctive abilities. Also, try to quantify your career, achievements by using numbers and dollar amounts. Hiring personnel want to see indicators of your achievements, and numbers help immensely.

Keep it Succinct

Modern resumes are expected to be two-pages or less, but that doesn’t mean you need to take up two full pages. In fact, you should be making every effort to make your resume as short as possible: The typical resume is looked at for just a few dozen seconds.

Avoid stuffing it with every single job duty and accomplishment. If you have a long work history, consider condensing your first jobs into an ‘Early Career’ section.

Find a Job You’ll Love!

At Labor Temps, we connect job seekers to best-fit opportunities and advise them on how to land the jobs that they want. If you’re currently looking for a new job, check out our job board today!