Practice Makes Perfect: Rehearsing for an Interview

Rehearsing is an essential part of getting ready for any job interview: The more acquainted you are with the interview process, the better prepared you will be to do well. It helps decrease stress during the actual interview and allows you to concentrate on building a rapport with your interviewer.

If you want to invest some money in your performance, you can hold mock interviews with a professional coach. Another way to invest in your performance is to use an online interview preparation service.

Even if you can’t or won’t spend more on upping your interview game, you can still significantly boost your performance with a bit of DIY rehearsal.

DIY Interview Rehearsal

If you’re new to the workforce or haven’t interviewed in a bit, you have to be ready for what will come up, so you don’t get any unexpected situations. Make sure you understand how a job interview works in your industry, including any skills tests to take or presentations you might have to give.

Once you have a sense of the format, you need to develop and practice answers for expected interview questions. The most basic approach is to develop a set of standard interview questions and be able to answer each question out loud. The more you practice saying your responses, the more you will be ready to say them in an actual job interview.

If you have a video camera or tape recorder, you can record your answers and play them back. If you are using video, evaluate both your mannerisms and your responses. You should be maintaining good posture and eye contact with the camera. You shouldn’t be fidgeting or giving long-winded answers. If you don’t sound confident, just keep rehearsing, the confidence will come. If you don’t want to use video, you can always rehearse in front of a mirror.

Having someone else interview you is pretty much required for effective rehearsal. Because you want honest, constructive feedback, it might be best to avoid asking a friend or family member to help you out. While a friend or family member will give you with significant comfort level, asking a work colleague or network connection can help you truly hone your interviewing skills.

You can make a DIY interview rehearsal seem much more like the real thing if you dress the part. Proper interview attire not only makes you feel like it’s a real job interview, it will also provide you with the chance to be sure your interview clothes are looking good and ready to go.

Using a professional setting can also help make your practice session feel more like an actual interview. Even the local coffee shop can make it feel a lot more lot a real interview than sitting on your couch or at a cluttered kitchen table.

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