Make Yourself Stand Out to Land that Warehouse Job!

Even though the current job market heavily favors the job seeker, the competition for warehouse jobs is still pretty stiff, which means determined job seekers should do everything they can to stand out from the competition.

From customizing your application materials to asking the right questions in an interview, there are a number of steps you can take to stand out and increase your chances of landing a warehouse position.

Match your resume and cover letter to the specific opportunity

Strongly connecting your application materials to the company job posting can help you stand out form the competition.

Basic cover letters and resumes that do not spotlight the specific skills will be quickly disregarded by most hiring managers, who typically see many of these generic applications. More often than not, generic applications go directly into the ‘no’ pile.

Obviously, job hunting is challenging and time-consuming ordeal that’s filled with rejection. So, it’s understandable why some people take a generic approach and cast a wide net when applying for jobs. However, it’s worth spending the time customizing your resume to the job, as this shows you’re passionate about getting the job and you’ve done your homework by looking into both the business and the job duties.

Emphasize your results

Hiring personnel want to find a candidate who can deliver results. By using hard numbers and concrete achievements to show what you are capable of, you can show how you can benefit the organization.

To do this, go back through your own career history and identify your biggest achievements at each job. Then, put these achievements into hard numbers wherever possible. For instance, if you were responsible for handling the receiving of shipments in a past job, you could mention the number of shipments you received each week and the average value of each shipment.

Build up a strong LinkedIn profile

A strong LinkedIn profile can supplement your submission by featuring skills, achievements and qualities that didn’t make the cut on your resume or cover letter. You should also try to be active on LinkedIn, such as regularly posting supply chain industry content you find interesting and participating in group discussions.

When a hiring manager goes to your profile and finds you have been active, it will make you stand out from other candidates who either don’t have a profile or who let their profile sit dormant for months at a time.

Ask the right questions in an interview

In an interview, the hiring team’s biggest priority is to find out if you’re a solid fit for the job and the business. You’ll be asked various questions and, generally as the conversation concludes, will be given a chance to ask a handful of your own.

At this moment, you can stand out from other interviewees by asking the right questions. These questions should focus more on the company and less on you. For instance, you don’t want to ask if you’ll be working a lot of overtime. Instead, you could ask what a typical work week looks like.

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