Make the Most Out of Your New Leadership Position!

If you’ve recently been promoted into a leadership position, congratulations! All your hard work has finally paid off!

Becoming a leader does mean new challenges, many of which are not easy. However, if you invest the time in thinking through what new habits and management practices can serve you and begin to identify what you might have to add to your leadership toolkit, you can truly start to engage your new leadership role.

Less focus on technical things

Many new leaders naturally think the technical practices and techniques that made them effective to date are all they need to flourish in their new role. While they are correct to some degree, technical know-how gives a leader credibility, new leaders that put too much stock in technical abilities run the risk of not properly handling some new responsibilities, such as managing various personalities and keeping employees engaged.

New leaders typically need to leverage more soft skills in their new role and job duties. For instance, a new leader in an IT company who is renowned for their coding ability may discover that trying to help employees with every little bug means they are not fully handling more strategic or organizational demands of their new role because fixing bugs occupies too much of their time.

A wider scope

New leaders are often slow to realize they must spend more time collaborating and trying to get results for a broader collection of stakeholders. This requires time to identify, focus on and plan for their best course of action with a broader scope and network in mind. If a leader thinks they can keep their former narrow focus and avoid broader collaboration, she or he may be unable to deliver on major organizational objectives.

More emphasis on decisions

Without any previous managerial experience, new managers often experience something known as decision paralysis, which refers to when overthinking results in long delays or even putting a decision off altogether.

It’s normal for a new manager to overthink every decision. In management, decisions affect an entire team, a larger department and even an entire company. Knowing that, new managers are worried about making unforced errors or bad calls.

One approach to avoiding decision paralysis is to gather as much information as possible before deciding. This information should come from a wide range of people, from front-line workers to upper management.

A chance for early wins

New managers should come in with fresh ideas and those fresh ideas should translate into quick and easy wins. Eliminating waste or putting an innovation into place quickly can earn you a reputation for getting things done, giving you some early momentum.

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