Is Your Candidate Reliable?

A company is only as effective as its workers.

Because of this, companies must strive to locate applicants they can depend on in any situation. While every hiring manager would like to accurately predict if an applicant would be dependable, it can be difficult to know the questions you should ask to figure this out.

Listed below are a few ways to assess the dependability of job applicants before you retain their services.

What should you do when the workday ends before you can finish what you are working on?

This question gives you an idea for the candidate’s work ethic and if you can depend on the person to dedicate themselves to the completion of a task. If the applicant says they must leave at a set time regardless of circumstances, there is a chance they’re not someone you can depend on. Conversely, if the applicant says they will stay late to finish, or they generally finish work on time through effective time management and communication of expectations, it is probably someone you can rely on to finish their work.

Describe a time you had a disagreement with a colleague.

This question is designed to assess if the applicant has conflict resolution skills and if they can be relied on to maintain harmony in the workplace. If the person shifts blame onto others for disputes, they may not be an individual you can depend on to flourish in your workplace. If, however, the applicant takes some accountability for a past conflict and speaks to how they effectively worked through it, they may be someone you can rely on to come through in challenging situations.

What was the most challenging choice you had to make recently?

This question will assess the candidate’s reliability under stress and in challenging scenarios. An applicant who recently handled a difficult situation and can talk you through how they worked it out is probably going to be dependable when confronted with issues down the road.

Give an example of when you were right about a situation, but still had to follow instructions contrary to what you were thinking.

Any employer needs to know if an applicant can be relied on to take instruction and work well with others. While you want team players who know how to get along to go along, you also don’t want a team of “yes men.”

If an applicant gives an example of when they kept quiet and let things go to pot, or worse, allowed someone to get hurt, this may not be a person you want to hire.

Talk about a time when personal issues pulled you away from work.

Odds are, any individual you hire will have to deal with personal issues while on the job. Getting an idea of how an applicant deals with these very challenging situations will permit you to know if the person is someone who can be relied on in challenging personal times.

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