Improve Your Company’s Brand Image With These 5 Tips

Think of some of the most iconic brands: Apple, McDonalds and Walmart.

The companies behind these brands didn’t develop them by accident. Brand building is a purposeful exercise, done by curating specific attributes, like a blue-collar ethos or good value for dollar. Furthermore, these brands aren’t static. They have expanded and adjusted their list of qualities with an eye toward attracting more customers in the future.

The following five tips can help you refine you company’s brand image and strengthen your position in the marketplace.

1.      Know who you are

To strengthen your brand image, you must know where your business is starting from. Give your existing brand a hard, honest look and try to avoid being aspirational: Consider why customers choose your business, not why you want them to choose it. Think about how your brand compares to those of your competitors. Finally, consider how your brand might shift if you better served your customers.

2.      Determine how to attract your target audience

Your brand image should relate to what your target audiences care about. For example, customers that buy networking gear want high productivity, satisfaction and the capacity to stream various types of internet content.

Consider the colors, fonts and imagery that expresses what you are selling. First impressions are mostly about appearance, so it is important to have a strong brand image that informs everything your company does while putting the customer first.

3.      Infuse your company with your brand values

Everyone inside your business is a brand ambassador. Considering this, your company needs to hire carefully and build its brand from the inside out.

But brand building doesn’t end with hiring. The tone in any company is set from the top and leaders need to make sure everybody in their organization understands what the company stands for, how issues are handled and what type of experience you intend to deliver to customers.

For instance, the online shoe company Zappos is known for its customer service, and Zappos customers service employees are able to effectively convey this brand because the company gives them significant leeway in how they do their job.

4.      Recognize the importance of first impressions

Many people will make snap decisions about a brand based on a first impression. If they like what they see, they’ll investigate further. If they don’t, they’ll go somewhere else.

It is important to review all of your prospective customer contact points to maximize the chances that potential customers get a positive, accurate first impression. If you’re not delivering the impression you want, you have to make alterations as soon as possible.

5.      Maintain consistency

Sustaining consistency is valuable to building your brand and developing your company. Customers like knowing what they can expect the interactions your business.

When you make sure that your business delivers a consistent brand experience across every department, people know what to expect and that builds trust. And once they trust you, they’re more prone to advocate for your brand.

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