How to Minimize Distractions in Your Workplace

From personal phone calls to Facebook, today’s employee has a wide range of distractions at his or her fingertips.

Employers looking to clamp down on distractions must maintain a delicate balance. They don’t want to treat their workers like children, but they also want to create an environment that leads to maximum productivity. We explain more below:

Balance interaction with privacy

Employers should want their employees to have conversations with each other and establish personal connections. Surveys have shown people who are satisfied with their work environment are much more engaged and focused. However, there are times when privacy allows for intense focus on various job duties.

Balance job satisfaction with productivity by creating spaces for both interaction and focus. For instance, isolated work stations can allow employees to focus, while meeting rooms and break areas can be staged to invite conversation.

Offer choices

While some tasks require a worker to be in a specific place, duties like filling out paperwork can be done almost anywhere. Laptops give employees the freedom to enter data into the company system wherever there is a Wi-Fi signal.

Making different work spaces throughout the workplace offers employees even more choices. For instance, investing in well-designed community tables and work benches can foster collaboration.

Leverage technology

If you have your employees working with 80s and 90s technology all day, of course they’re going to be tempted pick up their smart phone once in a while.

Investing in smartphone apps and/or the latest tech tools can make employees more productive and more inspired. Whatever technology you decide to adopt, make sure that it’s convenient and easy to use on the job.

Create mindfulness and health programs

Mindfulness, the practice of paying attention to one’s own thoughts, may sound like a hokey New-Age concept, but research also shows that practicing mindfulness at work is a good thing for employees. A report by Sodexo found mindfulness programs from 2009 to 2013 led to a 37 percent improvement in stress levels, 22 percent better sleep quality and nearly 47 percent greater productivity.

In addition to setting up a mindfulness program, your company should also focus on keeping employees physically healthy. Many employees encourage healthy habits by providing gym membership discounts, regular yoga classes and even an on-site fitness facility.

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