How to Improve Your Time Management Skills in the New Year

Around the holidays, it’s typical to ask someone how their job is going and hear a one-word answer: “Busy.”

Being busy can be great for job security, but it can also keep you from organizing your time properly to take care of the things that matter most in your career and personal life. If you’re looking to do a better job of time management in the New Year, consider the following tips.

Identify your priorities

From a holistic point of view, the main objective of time management is to make sure that you’re looking after what’s important in order to live your best life, namely career, self-care and relationships. Write out a list with these three categories and identify specific priorities under each one.

Simply keeping these three categories in mind can remind you about what’s important in life, and what isn’t. Otherwise, it’s easy to lose focus or let one part of your life, like a relationship, dominate the rest of your life.

Identify 2019 goals

To be able to determine what you’d want to get done this year, pretend that it’s the end of 2019 and you’re thinking about three to five things you did that made the year great. This exercise ought to include professional, personal and relationship goals. Maybe you see yourself earning a promotion, reconnecting with an old friend, taking a trip overseas, losing 15 pounds or going back to school. Whatever goals you come up with that are achievable in the next 12 months should shape your priorities for 2019.

Break down goals into bite-sized chunks

It’s all great to have major goals, but without a plan, these goals are just desires. Furthermore, large goals can easily start to feel overwhelming, which can lead to procrastination.

After identifying big goals, you’ll have to break them down into easy, actionable steps. You’ll be more prone to achieve your goals since you’ll see small results quickly, which can provide momentum and inspiration.

Eliminate time wasters

It’s easy to lose track of time when you are clicking through social media, Amazon or articles on fantasy football. What can start off as a quick Facebook check often transitions into 20 minutes or more off mind-numbing content scrolling. Those moments can add up and should be invested in things that provide actual value, like updating your resume. A good exercise is to download a browser plug-in that track the amount of time you spend on social media. You’ll probably be surprised at how much time you’re actually spending on Facebook.

Focus Fridays

A good time to set your schedule is said to be Friday afternoons. This is a time when you can evaluate what did and didn’t get done during the week. This weekly assessment can help you develop your schedule for the upcoming week and month. In addition to helping you stay organized, focus Fridays can allow you to maintain perspective and get things done.

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