How to Improve Communication Throughout Your Business

One sign that points to the engagement level within an organization is the quality of communication among staff members and those in leadership.

Strategies like taking in worker feedback and acting on it, productive performance reviews and a high degree of transparency can all contribute significantly towards a highly-engaged workforce.

Consider the following tips on how to boost communication throughout your entire organization.

A clear, concise employee handbook

Effective communication must start with a well-written employee handbook. Your employee handbook should place an emphasis on methods for interdepartmental communication. Employees should be very clear on how to communicate effectively with coworkers, people in other departments, supervisors and upper management.

Manager training

In any organization, tone and culture is set at the top. If executives and managers practice effective communication, those below them in the organization are much more likely to do the same.

Not only must upper executives embrace effective communication practices, managers should also be trained in how to facilitate productive communication amongst their team members. Managers should learn how to build a culture of teamwork that leads to employees working well together, high morale and a habit of success.

Team-building events

People are more likely to engage in effective communication if they feel comfortable with one another. Team-building events can be a very effective way to foster this necessary level of familiarity.

Stage events that help all employees get to know one another and build a sense of pride in the company’s mission and achievements. Holiday parties, celebrations when goals are met, and social outings are all great platforms for reinforcing relationships and constructive communication, which will result in better teamwork.

Off-site training

Off-site training can bring an added teamwork element to a training session and lets workers mingle with people from all areas within the business. Staff members that spend a day or a week together at conference will get more familiar with each other, appreciate the chance to bond with one another and will learn valuable information.

Volunteer efforts

Staff members that work with each other on volunteer initiatives to help a specific charity will get to know each other better and will come back to work filled with a sense of pride over their work. Some businesses feel it useful to give staff members the occasional day off to take part in volunteer work.

Discounts on gym memberships

Having your employees join the same gym not only helps them to relive stress and stay healthy, it also gives them something to bond over. You can further support employee health by holding fitness initiatives and contests.

Giving employees this fringe benefit also sends a powerful message about company culture: Your organization cares about the health and well-being of its people.

At Labor Temps, we continuously strive to maintain healthy communication with our clients and to help our clients maintain effective communication with its workers. If your company is currently looking for a staffing partner, please contact us today.