How to Find the Best Light Industrial Talent in Chicagoland

By providing services and making products, people are a crucial part of a company’s success. Unfortunately, finding good workers is difficult, and getting more challenging all the time. A 2019 survey recently discovered 68 percent of HR professionals reporting difficulties filling open positions – up from 50 percent in 2013.

Given this reality, companies need to a comprehensive approach to finding talent. If you are currently looking for top light industrial talent, consider the following tips:

Be a Company People Want to Work For

The best approach to getting quality light industrial is by being an organization people want to be a part of. If your company has a reputation for being a great place to work, it will attract top employees.

Treat your staff members fairly, value their input and keep them in the loop. When you value employee recognition and transparency, you’ll discover that your company’s positive reputation as an employer spreads quickly throughout the area.

Make Applying Easy

To be able to recruit effectively, you have to make it easy for possible new staff members to apply for your open jobs, both in-person and online.

Many companies are also skipping on lengthy online applications. While these tools can be effective in screening out low-quality applicants, they can discourage good people who would rather just send in a resume and cover letter.

Dip into Resumes “On File”

We’ve all read that classic line in an application rejection letter that says something along the lines of, “We’ll keep your resume on file in case another job opening pops up” – only to never hear anything from the employer again.

In this labor market, don’t be that company. Go back to recent resume submissions and give them another look. The folks who sent in these resumes clearly wanted to work for you company, and they still might.

Build a Talent Pipeline

Human resources personnel should constantly be filling a talent pipeline with potential candidates who can be accessed when the time comes. This involves connecting to folks over LinkedIn, representing the company at career fairs and maintaining strong personal relationships.

Post Jobs in Different Locations

Unfortunately, many job seekers check the same old websites for open positions. If your light industrial positions aren’t being posted in those sites, you’re missing out on a significant chunk of potential applicants.

Don’t just rely on Monster and Indeed to find your next light industrial employee; working with a staffing agency can help get your jobs posted to websites you’d never think of. Plus, staffing agencies have a pool of potential candidates that are already vetted and ready to be hired into the right role.

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