How to Find High-Quality Light Industrial Candidates with Your Social Media Posts

Social media can be a highly-effective human resources tool, especially with regards to hiring and recruitment of light industrial professionals.

If you want to get the most out of social media, you need a strong recruitment and marketing strategy. You need to do more than just get into potential employees’ social media timelines. You need to actively engage them and convince them a job opening at your company is worth seeking.

Pick the right platform

The first step in any social strategy is to figure out which platforms you want to use. If you’re looking for production line employees for your light industrial operation, a professional networking site like LinkedIn probably shouldn’t be your only option. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram might be better to connect to these kinds of workers, especially millennials who are very likely on all three of these platforms.

Follow Influencers

Social media is at its most effective when other users discuss and share your posts, which helps to increase both your visibility and your following. One of the best ways to gain reach is to interact with influencers and become part of their conversations. Search your platform(s) for people, profiles, and groups related to what company does. Figure out who the most crucial influencers are, follow them and start sharing useful posts to develop relationships and familiarity.

Share smart content

Don’t post only job listings to your social media profiles. Instead, share truly useful content, such as news and insight related to your industry. Post non-controversial, authoritative pieces, share posts from influencers and generally try to give value to your followers.

Use tags and headlines to get noticed

When you post job opening to social media, you should use the proper keywords and tags to get noticed. Check out at other job postings and notice the ones that have the most shares and interactions. Then, use a similar approach to your own posts. Try out several wordings and track click-throughs and reactions so you can figure out kinds of words that encourage others to click on your posts and apply.

Fuse social media with your overall recruiting strategy

Make sure that your social media approach is backed up by postings on your website and internet job boards. Make the application sequence as basic and efficient as possible and make it easy for other people to share your open positions.

Create a social media schedule

You can’t just arbitrarily post jobs to social media when you want. Instead, check out when key influencers post and get the most interactions. Then, use that information to dictate your own social media schedule.

Tools like Hootsuite can allow you to evaluate the best times to post for maximum exposure. You can also use social media tools to automate posts, allowing you to reach out around the clock without having to be physically online.

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