How to Answer the Interview Question: Why Should We Hire You?

Interviewers in almost every business and industry ask some of the same types of questions of every applicant.

Since an interviewer’s main intention is locating the right match for the position being offered, there’s no more essential question than, “What makes you the ideal candidate?”

Even if this question isn’t asked directly, preparing to answer it isn’t a waste of time because a good response essentially makes a compelling case for why you should be hired.

Develop a Good Response

While you shouldn’t act arrogant or stretch the truth in response, this question is an opportunity to happily talk about your strengths and position them as the answer to the employer’s needs.

If you can, go beyond the job description and think about which of your abilities and achievements make you a better applicant than the competition. For instance, maybe you have valuable certification that the typical applicant doesn’t have.

Next, pick the points that make the strongest case for hiring you. For every strength that you’ve identified, think of a particular situation where you used that quality to achieve something significant. Being able to tell a story about successfully leading a team is a better way to ‘show’ how you have great leadership skills, rather than just saying, “I have great leadership skills.”

In fact, your skills will have some much more meaning for your interviewer if you can back them up with examples of how you used them.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As soon as you feel good about your response, you need to practice delivering it until you’ve got it down cold. You should be practicing every day, almost to the point you grow bored with your pitch.

Don’t bother memorizing a script; it can make you sound robotic. Instead, you should be able to hit all your bullet points with a sense of confidence. Your practice responses may come out a bit different each time, and that’s okay.

The key is to project confidence and enthusiasm. If you do so, you’re more prone to make a powerful impression. While experience and skills are important, the attitude in an interview can separate you from those with comparable skills and experience.

Need Help With Your Job Search?

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