How These Adaptive Leadership Techniques Will Make You a Better Manager

Traditionally, leaders have operated in a top-down, follow-my-instructions style. While this style can still be effective, today’s workers expect more transparency and accountability from company management.

Enter a style known as ‘adaptive leadership’.

Adaptive leaders aim to react to their conditions in a way that encourages creativity and solutions. Nobody can formulate the solution to every single problem, and that’s among the big issues with top-down leadership. Adaptive leadership makes use of information provided by staff members and customers to be able to locate solutions that work.

Changing with the times

As a company leader, you must be flexible and embrace change. Be open to methods other than the ways things have always been done. This is harder than it seems – the business world is filled with scenarios and people that resist change no matter what.

Adaptive leaders are always learning new methods and questioning old ones. They stay on top of the latest developments in their industry, as well as other relevant industries such as tech and logistics.

Embracing empathy

If you can’t see where your staff members and customers are coming from, you’ll have a challenging time meeting their demands and needs. If you can’t make your customers and staff members feel a sense of satisfaction, they will leave you and go somewhere else.

It’s much harder to feel empathetic for someone you don’t know personally, and adaptive leaders have found that getting to know their staff members on a personal level helps them with this part of their leadership style.

Embracing humility

Nobody gets it right on every occasion – all leaders make errors. An adaptive leader knows this and is happy to make corrections when necessary. They accept failure as part of their process.

Putting a priority on humility also means accepting feedback. Pay attention to what your staff members are saying about everything from their jobs to the direction of the company. Listen to what customers are saying about your products and services. Adaptive leaders are always thinking about what actions work and what do not, and they make changes and track the results.

Embrace shared success

Adaptive leaders understand that shared success is much more valuable than solo success. This might feel like a strange idea in a business world that largely preaches cutthroat competition. However, the idea that a rising tide lifts all boats holds true and adaptive leaders are always looking to make the waters rise.

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