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Safety Tips

Safety is Serious

Labor Temps takes safety very seriously and is committed to the prevention of occupational illness and injury within the workplace. Employees are responsible for performing their jobs safely, following legislated standards in accordance with our safety programs and to support these programs by reporting any unsafe acts and/or conditions.

Employees may only perform work that they were assigned to do at a client location. Do not perform work that you have not been assigned to do or trained to do. Never perform any work that is obviously dangerous or unsafe.

Safe Work Habits

  1. Know and follow all safety regulations for your work assignment.
  2. Before starting any task, make sure you know exactly what is to be done and how to do it safely.
  3. Be sure you perform your tasks in a manner that protects you and others.
  4. Let your supervisor know if you feel you do not have adequate safety protection/knowledge in any work activity.
  5. Make sure all tools and equipment are in proper working order. Do not “fix” or repair anything yourself unless you are requested by your site supervisor, trained and authorized to do so.
  6. Report unsafe equipment to your supervisor immediately. Do not take chances!
  7. Do not remove or bypass guards on machines or equipment.
  8. Absolutely NO horseplay is ever permitted. Keep your mind on your work. Do not distract others or allow your attention to wander from the task at hand.
  9. Some assignments require employees to use various forms of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves, safety goggles, steel toed boots, etc. All PPE must be worn and used as instructed.
  10. Understand what the weight of an object is before lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling. If deemed too heavy for one person to handle, utilize team lift procedures or a machine to assist with the task.
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