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Managed Services

Our Managed Services solution is targeted for mid to large sized companies. Labor Temps Services solutions address all aspects of our client’s staffing needs including recruiting, training, management, tracking and invoicing. We are able to deliver our services in a cost effective manner across a diverse set of customer requirements.

Partner on Premise

A professional manager on your site to handle all the tasks associated with a contingent workforce. This individual is the leader of the Labor Temps services team.


Labor Temps uses multiple programs and resources to meet your specific needs. These include online sources, community outreach in areas where we operate and serve our clients and through referrals from our valued employees. In addition we have a database of thousands of experienced workers that we draw from.


Labor Temps takes full responsibility for all aspects of managing the work force including hiring, training and managing.


We offer state-of-the-art systems for tracking and managing your workforce. These systems are real-time web-based systems that allow dynamic flow of information and provide necessary business metrics. These systems are available to designated individuals in your organization that require information for true performance management.

Compliance and Risk Management

Our team will work with you to address co-employment and compliance requirements. We have a portfolio of services we deliver with the support of our partners at HRSI. These include Human Resource documentation, compliance and on-site support.

Cost Control

Labor Temps has multiple options to reduce your staffing costs. These options include an alternative to provide a fixed cost per unit option allowing your organization to manage your labor costs more effectively.

Workforce Transition

We realize the value of your current employees. We work with you to insure a seamless transition to the Labor Temps payroll. Our commitment to employee satisfaction will assure their continued employment with us at your site and we will support you in the transition of any loyal and trained employees that you may want to bring back on a temporary basis.

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