Find a Job Faster with the Help of a Staffing Agency

Trying to find a new job can be like a full-time job in itself. Even if you’re unemployed, it can be difficult to handle everything that needs to be done.

Working with a staffing agency doubles your efforts because staffing agency employees work full-time to connect you to a good job opportunity. A staffing agency functions as your main contact to hiring managers and can provide you with career resources you wouldn’t get elsewhere. Partnering with a staffing company is as simple as saying, “Please find a job for me.” Consider the following ways a staffing agency can speed up your job search.

Expands your network

Staffing personnel are tapped into the labor market, locally and beyond. They know who’s hiring, who’s looking to expand operations and they know about available jobs that aren’t posted publicly. If there are opportunities for jobs that fit your background, a staffing company can likely get you to at least the interview stage.

Fine-tuning your application process

Staffing personnel can offer you crucial advice on the best ways to put together a resume, helping you position yourself in the best way possible to achieve your next career goal.

Even if your resume is current, it may still need a little bit of sprucing up to catch the attention of a hiring manager. Staffing agencies can provide you with great tips for powering up your application package, many of which take very little time to apply.

If you decide to work with a staffing company, you’ll have even more direction on how to ace the job interview. You’ll get the instruction you need to feel ready, confident and able to talk with ease about yourself and your background.

Career coaching

Staffing employees will give you a strategic context for your job search. They answer crucial questions about the job market and what types of salaries those in your position normally earn.

Staffing personnel can also allow you to identify any crucial gaps in your abilities. They can connect you with free training classes created to add marketable abilities to your resume. Completing this training could even cause you to boost your salary expectations.

Once you have a strategy and you’ve addressed any key skills gaps, a staffing agency personnel act as your advocates by selling your unique talents to potential employers.

Follow-up support

After you’ve landed a job, a staffing company is still there following up with assistance. Company personnel can provide ongoing career development advice, along with suggestions on how to prosper in your new position.

At Labor Temps, we dedicate ourselves to connecting ambitious professionals with best-fit career opportunities. If you’re currently frustrated with your job search, please contact us today to find out how we can help you.