Why an Entry-Level General Labor Job is the Best Way to Jumpstart Your Career

An entry-level general labor job allows you to enter the workforce, typically with very little experience or training. These jobs are coveted by students straight out of school and more mature individuals looking for a career change.

After a while, entry-level workers will learn standard business practices, gain experience and set the stage for future positions with more pay and prominence.

What is an entry-level general labor job?

At its simplest, entry-level jobs give someone a chance to gain experience while earning a paycheck. These jobs help the business complete essential work that more experienced individuals don’t do, usually because they are paid to do a more advanced job that requires specific skills and experience.

The job requirements for entry-level general labor positions are very basic and such as being able to stand for prolonged periods or the ability to lift at least 5 to 10 pounds. Some general labor jobs involve working outdoors while others do not.

For someone without any kind of college degree, entry-level general labor jobs include store clerk, factory worker or restaurant server. For those some college education, entry-level general labor jobs include lower level technical jobs and data entry positions.

Career benefits

Whether they can be starting or shifting their career, entry-level jobs are an ideal way for professionals to get experience and learn the daily workings of both a business and industry. Everybody must start somewhere, and these jobs tend to be the first step to a long and rewarding career. Often, people will get an entry-level job, find out they love the company or the industry and pursue a career they had never thought about pursuing.

Also, entry-levels jobs can lead to advancement inside the business. Frequently, companies want to hire from within for open positions. Someone with a solid work ethic could be a hiring manager’s first choice to fill a mid-level position after an impressive performance in an entry-level role. The company benefits from this situation because it can skip a lot of the training that is usually necessary when someone from outside the organization is hired.

Finding an entry-level job

There are several ways you can find an entry-level general labor job. Most internet job boards have an ‘advanced search’ feature that will allow you to see only entry-level general labor jobs. Job boards, state labor departments and other organization also have email alerts that you can sign up for – so you don’t have to scour every single job board, every day, all day.

If you are in college or trade school, you have additional options. Most schools have front office personnel that can help you find an entry level job. Schools also often have work-study or internship opportunities that don’t require specialized skills.

Entry-level general labor jobs are also available through staffing agencies, and Labor Temps always has a wide range of these jobs available. If you’re currently looking for this type of job, please contact us today!