Employees Need Your Help with Their Work-Life Balance

Todays’ hard-working professionals want to balance their job with both outside obligations and personal activities.

Employers do not have to offer initiatives that support work-life balance for their staff members, but many do have policies and expectations that support employees’ work-life balance. Ideally, these employer policies help to recruit and hold onto top talent.

Below are a number of strategies and initiatives that a company can use to support the work-life balance of its employees.

Eliminate vacation ‘penalty’ and guilt

Your company might offer a generous vacation package, but if employees can’t use their vacation time without falling far behind in their work, they won’t take it all. Or if they do, they won’t be able to enjoy themselves because they will have to double their efforts to catch up.

Your organization can go a long way to supporting the work-life balance of its staff members by ensuring that vacation time can be taken without causing personal setback or a guilt trip.

Create a supportive atmosphere

When employees enjoy their jobs and feel supported in their work, they will enjoy life more. Also, studies have shown that a supportive workplace leads to higher productivity and higher attendance.

Try to make your employees feel like they can always come to you with bad news, just as they might readily come to you with good news. Also, make sure employees are getting enough regular breaks that allow them to stay fresh and combat fatigue.

Offer a flexible schedule

The most basic thing a company can do to support the work-life balance of its employees is to allow them to flex their starting and ending times. This can be invaluable to many people, especially parents who need to make sure their kids get to where they need to be each weekday morning.

Allow for personal life to enter the workplace

Obviously, when your employees are at work they should be working; not spending 30 minutes on personal phone calls or posting to Facebook every 2 hours. However, many employees are now finding themselves responsible for duties outside the standard 40-hour workweek.

If you’re asking your employees to respond to emails from home, you’re regularly calling them in to the office or otherwise encroaching on personal lives, it’s only fair to give them some leeway when it comes to personal phone calls or non-work internet usage. You can deal with employees who take advantage of this privilege on an individual basis.

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