Effective Ways to Make a Strong Impression in Your Next Interview

Even the best resumes are only able to do so much. To be able to stand out from the rest of the pack, you’ll have to bring some serious enthusiasm into the interview.

Doing great in an interview only requires sticking to a few simple strategies. Being smart and simple in the interview can mean the difference between landing your dream job and having to continue your job search.

Be prompt, be prepared

Among the most basic things you can do to boost your next job interview performance is to just show up on time and be ready to go. First and foremost, you ought to have a copy of your resume handy, even if you’ve already submitted a copy. Paperwork often goes missing or becomes otherwise inaccessible to the interviewer, so it’s vital to have additional copies in case you need them.

While you should be prompt for an interview, turning up 20 or 30 minutes before the scheduled time is not a good idea. Arriving too soon can work against you. It can show a needless amount of urgency on your part, and it does not convey the sense of punctuality that discerning hiring managers want to see.

Be a pro

Always represent yourself in the most professional manner possible. This means arriving at the interview in appropriate attire, leaving your cell phone switched off and being prepared to talk about the job in question. Those who fail to dress properly or appear more interested in their cell phone than the job may cause the interview to be over before it even starts.

Express a passion for the job

As soon as the interview has started, you should reemphasize your interest in the open position. If you are prepared to take other open positions, you can mention that off-hand, so as not to appear too desperate. Displaying professional versatility and openness shows you are motivated to succeed, and it may even open the door for new career possibilities that you’ve never thought about in the past.

Highlight your match to the company’s culture

Organizations want to hire professionals capable of fitting into their existing workforce; so demonstrating an understanding of a company’s culture, including the history, mission and recent developments can go quite a distance in making a strong impression. You should also attempt to describe how you can adjust to any changes the business might enact.

Follow Up

Following up after the interview is essential to making a strong impression. While there’s no expert consensus on the exact timeframe, two to three days generally gives the potential employer sufficient time to review your resume and think about your experience. Even if you don’t get a concrete job offer after your follow-up, it’s still a good way of repeating your interest in the job and ensuring your name stays fresh in the mind of your prospective employer.

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