Challenges First-Time Job Seekers Face

Trying to get your first full-time position might be one of the scariest and complicated things you’ll ever face.

Without having done it before, you’ll be trying to find a job that will have a major impact the direction of your career. You’ll be sitting down with strangers who can change your life and probably dealing with rejection at least once or twice.

Fortunately, most of the challenges that first-time job seekers face are fairly predictable. Below are some of the common challenges and ways to address them.

Knowing the ‘right jobs’ to apply to

When you were in school, you probably had a sense of when your education might take you, but now that it’s time to chart a career path, you have to start making real decisions.

A great way forward is to contact those with a similar educational background and ask them for advice. Alumni and professionals on social media can help you to figure out what jobs you should be applying to.

Once you know the job(s) that you’ll be applying to, you can write out a copy of your resume tailored to each position by emphasizing specific skills or credentials.

Overcoming a lack of experience

When you’re just getting into the workforce, you don’t have any professional experience, and it can seem like every employers wants their applicants to have some kind of experience. However, you’re in the same position as many others.

One way to address this challenge is to find a way to do some work in your field for free. Many businesses offer unpaid internships and even volunteer opportunities you could give you some kind of experience and that sets you apart and could lead to a full-time paying gig.

No interview experience

Face-to-face interviews are the most crucial portion of the job search. Interviews allow hiring managers to develop an impression of you and determine if you’ll be a solid fit for the position. This pressure can make a job interview pretty daunting, especially if you aren’t used to doing them.

The best way to get over this kind of apprehension is through practice. Hold mock interviews with a trusted friends or classmate. Ask him or her to really press you with mock interview questions; because answering easy softball questions will only provide limited benefit.

Try to hold as many of these mock sessions as possible, almost to the point they become monotonous. Once you are unflappable and have your responses down cold, all of your apprehension will disappear.

A lengthy process

As a job seeker, you probably want to get a response on your resume right away. Or, it can be nerve-racking waiting to hear back about a hiring decision after your final interview. However, hiring managers are busy people with their own schedule. It is important to stay patient and not pester them for answers.

Furthermore, the entire process of finding that first job can take a long time. It’s important not to lose faith. You will get there!

At Labor Temps, we have years of experience helping first-time job seekers. Please contact us today to find out more about the ways we can help you and your career.