How Can Using Manufacturing Mobile Apps Make You More Competitive?

Having a considerable competitive advantage in manufacturing is difficult with thousands of rivals in the same industry.

Many companies are embracing manufacturing apps that offer a competitive advantage through total, real-time visibility on the production floor, in the warehouse, at the administrative level and throughout the supply chain. Greater visibility helps these companies become more efficient and react faster than the competition.

Production supervisors and staff often spend hours documenting data on operations, materials, safety and more – manually and on paper. While documenting information by hand has been useful for decades, modern technology makes it less than less desirable. Today, innovative mobile technology gives employees and supervisors the tools to do their jobs more effectively, often anytime from any location.

Below is a short list of ways that mobile apps that can make your manufacturing operation more competitive.

Better logistics

Tracking inventory manually is almost impossible for any decent-sized operation, even with the use of desktop computers. Mobile inventory apps allow warehouse supervisors to carry out inventory and logistics functions from smartphones and tablets. These apps allow managers to monitor and control warehouse processes like receiving, picking and stocking of inventory from one location to another. Supervisors can also access extensive data and insight on items for greater efficiency.

Less downtime

It’s very helpful when technicians can be quickly notified when machinery breaks down because prolonged downtimes could affect the bottom line. In conjunction with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, technicians and engineers can use mobile technology to keep track of machinery status and identify equipment that requires maintenance, servicing, fixing, or replacement.

Greater employee engagement

Project management and communications apps help boost employee engagement, as well as productivity. Today’s workers tend to prefer workplaces that allow them to take in and use their own mobile device, also known as a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. Such a policy allows employees to work in a nimble and flexible system and it makes daily operations easier by facilitating remote access to corporate information. Communication and collaboration are critical to employees simplifying and expediting operations.

Greater operational transparency and flexibility

Many manufacturers now offer mobile apps for their internet-connected equipment that allows for remote operation by simply inputting essential information. Mobile apps are useful tools that can provide a list of materials and operations for inspections before, during and after a project. Some apps are made to expedite routine housekeeping tasks in manufacturing and food production.

Faster, stronger, better

Mobile apps enable the identification and solving of issues faster. They also help management spot developments that affect their businesses and inform strategies, which can lead to a competitive advantage. They’re robust tools that enable better, faster and easier operations.

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