Add Safety Reviews to Your Annual Reviews

Safety experts have long recognized an excellent basic safety record in the office means management needs to be held responsible, and must hold employees responsible.

Performance assessments may gauge productivity, but a “safety performance review” could determine what the employees have done to support accident prevention in the workplace.  For these assessments to be successful, however, a company would need to set up quantifiable safety goals for managers and staff. If these goals were tied to pay increases, they could be an effective way to incentivize workers to actively participate in a workplace safety program.

The safety performance assessment for a manager should look at the application of accident control procedures, like self-inspections, training, job safety evaluation and safety meetings. Worker reviews ought to include an assessment of how well the employees have dealt with established safety practices, job methods, correct tool use and techniques of material handling.

Safety reviews would increase employee involvement

Studies have shown a rise in worker participation with safety issues can help reduce accident rates significantly. Research has also showed when workers are assessed for their safety performance, they are more likely to look for and implement safety improvement ideas.

Quantifying safety

In order to properly evaluate workers on a level playing field with respect to safety, a company needs to set up measureable factors and targets for employees to reach.

A safety assessment should consider if the worker has a safe mindset and safe work habits. It should also determine if the worker knows their duties and responsibilities as they pertain to safety. An evaluation should also assess if the worker has reported any unsafe situations, incidents and injuries in a timely manner. Finally, a safety performance review should include each employee’s safety record.

When it comes to evaluating a supervisor’s safety performance, a safety review should assess health and safety needs of their employees as well as responsiveness to unsafe conditions, situations, incidents or injuries.

The safety assessment program

The regularity of the safety assessments can be just as critical as the content, as regular feedback helps the employee stay focused on safety and accident prevention.

In putting the program together, it is important to gather employee input from every department and level of the company. Safety managers should also determine how the assessments will take place. For instance, online assessments might be able to save time while still being effective.

When an unsafe employee is identified

One reality of conducting regular safety performance reviews is the discovery of someone who is working unsafely.

Often, bad safety habits are due to poor internal motivation. Not malevolent, nor intentional, bad habits generally come from a flawed awareness that requires significant change to correct. External motivation, from rewards to discipline, usually offers only a momentary solution.

Only repetitive positive reinforcement can bring about the necessary change. Mentioning the situations when an unsafe employee contributes to a safer workplace can be a significant step in the direction of long-term outcomes. A positive experience is one of the most effective ways to integrate good habits in the mind of employees.

At Labor Temps, we often take safety training out of the hands of our client companies so they can put more focus on their core business activities. If your company is looking outsource its safety training, please contact us today to get started!