5 Ways to Become the Best Manufacturing Candidate for the Job

Recently, he labor market is favoring job seekers, which means you have major competition for each job you want. Standing head-and-shoulders above other applicants requires significant planning and work.

Most importantly, you need to avoid dumb mistakes, as even the most qualified candidates can be eliminated from a hiring process if they don’t meet basic expectation. You will stand out by making things easy for the hiring manager by showing off your expertise right off the bat, and explaining why you want this particular job and why you’re perfect for it.

By following these five tips, you will prove that you’re the best candidate for the job.

1.      Show basic competence and professionalism

Your candidacy for any given opportunity won’t get off the ground if you don’t seem competent and professional. This means you need to submit a resume that is error-free and that lays out information in a way that can be understood quickly. It’s also important to return calls in a timely manner, make yourself available for interview sessions and show up to interviews on time.

2.      Spotlight your accomplishments

A hiring manager wants to know what each applicant is capable of and the best way to showcase your capabilities is to emphasize your biggest career accomplishments. From your resume to the interview, you need to be able to showcase your achievements in a compelling way, and an effective approach to doing that is to put your major achievements into easy-to-understand figures, such as dollar amounts you saved or helped generate.

3.      Show how you fit the company

Every company has a core mission and set of values. For instance, some companies are community-minded, while others are focused on cutting-edge solutions.

You can elevate yourself to top-candidate status if you can show a hiring manager how various aspects of your background fit perfectly with the company’s mission. So, if a company is civic-minded, be sure you can talk about your local volunteer efforts or involvement in the community.

4.      Show you’re attentive and engaged

Hiring managers want to talk to applicants who are fully engaged in the process. The thinking is: someone who’s a fully-engaged applicant will likely be a fully-engaged employee.

Always pay attention to detail in emails, phone conversations and in-person interviews. Ask follow-up questions. If you’re truly invested in the process, a hiring manager will pick up on that and greatly appreciate it.

5.      Write a thoughtful thank-you note

Just writing a basic thank you note after an interview will put you ahead of a lot of other applicants but putting some real thought into it can truly make out one of the best applicants in the pack.

When putting together a thank-you note, go over your notes from the interview itself. Include one or two highlights from the conversation to show you were paying attention and valued what was being said.

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