5 Tips to Build Yourself a Good Reputation at Work

When you’re a new at a job, you should try to earn a positive reputation as soon as you can. Even if you’ve been with the same company for a bit, it can never hurt to do a little reputation maintenance.

Earning a positive reputation on the job can lead to a number of benefits. For one thing, when you need support, your co-workers are more prone to step up. A great standing can also lead to more tangible perks, like a discount with a vendor or a big sale. Furthermore, supervisors typically allocate preferential projects, schedules and opportunities based on reputation.

Here are a few way to boost your standing around the workplace.

Avoid special requests … at first

If you don’t have a shining reputation yet or you’re unsure about how you are seen around the office, avoid making any special requests. Asking for a favor before you’ve earned it not only minimizes the chances of that request getting granted – it is also a reputation killer if the request gets out.

Make sure you have been putting in hard work and sticking to company guidelines for some time before approaching your boss for a special perk or favor.

Show initiative

An ideal way to gain the appreciation of those around you is to show initiative. A lot people go into a new job thinking their supervisors are going lay out precisely what they want them to do each day. However, this isn’t school. You’re not getting handed assignments and sitting down to take tests.

Instead of waiting around to be told what to do, try taking on a task everyone else is avoiding. Find some extra time each day so your pet project doesn’t impact your primary obligations. When you’re done, you’ll have won your boss’s and your co-workers’ appreciation.

Offer well-thought-out suggestions tastefully

While your boss expects you to provide feedback and ways to improve productivity, they don’t want you running into their office every time you have an idea.

If you do think you’ve come up with something that could offer real value, approach your boss by asking if your solution has ever been tried or considered. By making a suggestion this way, you’re not necessarily criticizing the current methods, you’re trying to improve the business.

Keep it professional

It’s great to bond with your co-workers and go out with them for golf or a round of drinks. However, you need to remember that these connections are professional more than they are personal. Drinking too much and oversharing are great ways to damage a good reputation.

Figure things out yourself

While new employees are expected to ask a lot of questions, they aren’t supposed to ask them all day long, especially about things that they have recently been taught.

Do your best to work as independently as possible. If you do find yourself asking a lot of questions, try to spread those questions around so you don’t take up too much of any one person’s time.

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