3 Ways to Deal with a Brand New Boss

A supervisor who is either new at the company or new to management, can provide a dose of enthusiasm and energy. However, a new boss can also trigger difficulties that come from inexperience.

Although this new manager may be ultimately capable of doing the job, they may not be a great manager from day one. There are a few ways you can handle this scenario without letting the quality of you work slip. Consider the three tips listed below.


Take initiative where you can

Your supervisor could be so busy learning new duties that they’re not concentrating on current projects. If you notice auxiliary projects are beginning to lag, ask take control of them.

This initiative could end up opening doors for you both inside and outside the company. Also, your supervisor will appreciate the fact that you are trying to make them look good in the process, which lays the foundation for a good relationship moving forward.


Embrace new ideas

When your new boss brings up a different way to do things, resist the temptation to immediately say, “But, we’ve always done things this way,” or “we tried that in the past and it didn’t work.”

Give the idea some thought, and if you really don’t think it will work, approach your new boss privately. Offer up an alternative to their suggestion and explain your reasoning.


Realize micromanaging is common, at first

It’s typical for a new boss to micromanage during their first weeks on the job, and it’s easy to want to push back the first time you feel your new boss is looking over your shoulder. Instead, relax and realize this probably isn’t permanent. It’s most likely a combination of enthusiasm, learning the ropes and coping with unfamiliarity.

If the micromanaging keeps going or worsens, think about taking action. Rather than confronting your new supervisor, try getting in front of it. For instance, if you know your manager is going to review certain data, get it to them before they ask to show you’re on top of things. Most supervisors are on the lookout for people they can depend on, and the quicker you can show your reliability, the quicker they’ll get off your case.

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