3 Things to Make Sure Your Employees Know When You Assign a New Project

Companies expect their projects to be finished faster and cheaper than the competition, with better results. The best way to meet these expectations is through effective communication. The following list describes the main aspects of managing a project and discusses essential items that need to be communicated to employees.

What the project involves

In many cases, there is a tendency to jump right in and start work on a project. This is a big mistake. The time spent outlining the project to employees will result in reduced cost and time spent, as well as higher quality over the life of the project.

Employees should know the project overview and main objectives. They should also understand the scale of the project, including what departments are involved. It’s also important to communicate any assumptions that are being made and any risks that are being taken.

Finally, employees need to know the amount of time and effort that will be involved, as well as the return on investment for them and the company.

How long it should take

After the project is correctly defined, staff members should understand the step-by-step directions for project deliverables and handling the project, often referred to as the workplan. A comprehensive workplan will include the resources that must be allocated and an estimate on the kind of work needed to be done for as far out into the future as possible. This establishes a planning horizon.

Beyond the planning horizon, the project should be laid out at a higher level, taking into consideration the greater degree of uncertainty. The planning horizon will move ahead as the project advances. High-level activities that were vague at the outset will be defined in depth as their timeframe draws nearer.

It’s also important to define how long tasks will take at the outset compared to how long things will take once things have been underway for some time. Doing this helps to put the work in perspective for employees and establishes expectations. Employees can then come forward if work is taking longer than expected and corrections can be made.

How the goals should be achieved

Employees need to understand the procedures that will be used within the scope of the project. An outline should include bits on how the team will take care of various problems with process, change in scope, risk, quality control, communication, and so forth.

It is critical to be capable of handling the project carefully and actively and to make sure that the project team and all stakeholders have a shared knowledge of how the project will be handled. If standard methods have already been set up for your organization, make use of them on your project or tell employees how they should modify their efforts.

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